About Us

Parth EnviroCare™ is a lean business by an Engineer, with a team of genuine nature loving and caring staff, passionate to do their bit of caring our environment. Strongly believing in ‘living with nature’ rather than ‘winning, overpowering’ nature.
The journey started in 2014 on a trip to Asia, with trip to visit jungles in mind. An idea born after seeing the Areca plantations and the produce it was generating for the local community.
The fallen sheaths of Areca tree sparked an idea to be able to make some positive difference to lives of the local community.

A small unit was setup and raw material is sourced from the villages around, amazing new eco-friendly biodegradable products are born.

We ensure that farmers and locals are paid fairly for the raw material and workmanship.
So, we are a fair-trade company in spirit, yet to take certification since we source from multiple communities, suppliers.

Our supply line is secured and can be scaled very fast without affecting Quality.

Our UK operations based in Watford ensure that we remain local and in proximity of our customers to serve promptly.
We are proud to make our contribution towards reducing usage of single use plastic and giving fair income to grass root farmers at the same time.

We strongly believe that our high quality, easy to use, practical products will serve the customers, give our customers immense satisfaction of ‘doing our bit’ towards preserving the ecosystem, not contributing towards the sea pollution, land fill mountains.